Dreamforce 2015 + #Trailhead4All in Your Local Community

For my first blog, I want to thank everyone that made Dreamforce 2015 an amazing event + share a call to action for the Salesforce users to host community #Trailhead4All events, because the fun should never stop. =)

Dreamforce 2015 – Thank You to:

Trailhead in Your Community – Challenge

Many User Groups hosted the “Summer of Trailhead” event. At Dreamforce, thousands of attendees got to experience Trailhead in the Developer Zone. But does the fun have to come to a close? Absolutely not! I’m challenging the Salesforce community to host at least one Trailhead event at a nonprofit, school, or any community gathering and spread the Salesforce knowledge before Dreamforce 2016. You never know how this can change someone’s life. Maybe a teenager will pick tech as a career. Or maybe it will help a stay-at-home-mom reenter the workforce. Melissa VanDyke and I will be putting together a “Setting Up a Trailhead Event” guide. Will you take up the challenge and participate with me? Can we reach 50 #Trailhead4All events? Tweet me @AnnieForce or use the hashtag #trailhead4all if you do! Listed below or those who’ve accepted the challenge. If you want to help/sponsor them, I can put your name down too! I’ve got a few nonprofits I’d like to do this for: Big Brother Big Sister of Flint (Flint, MI) and the Teen Resource Center (NYC) to start. As for my Big Astro and Little Astro that I got at Dreamforce, two lucky youth will win them at future community Trailhead events.

Featured image

Name of Salesforce Rockstar Location Nonprofit or Population Focus Generous Sponsor (Can be for food/drinks, space, or goodies)

1. Annie Shek
2. Adrian Montague
1. New York City, NY, USA

2. Flint, Michigan, USA

Teen Resource Center (NYC)

Big Brother Big Sister of Flint (Flint, MI)

3. Jeremiah Dohn
3. Omaha, Nebraska, USA

4.  Melissa VanDyke

5. Reba de la Paz 6. Jocelyn Fennewald
4. Chicago, Illinois, USA

7. Toya Gatewood8. Christina Moore
5. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

9. Amber BoazKelly (Crum) Pfrommer

10. Kelly Pfrommer

6. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA

11. Sean Cuevo <–My Developer Mentor =)
7. Denver, Colorado, USA

12. Shonnah
8. Minnesota, USA

13. Samantha Zepeda
9. San Francisco, California, USA

14. Amy Campbell15. Samir Patel
10. Cleveland, Ohio, USA
16. Melinda Smith 11. Southern California, USA

17. Nik Panter

12. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

18. Steve Williams

13. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

19. Beth Breisnes
20. Radmila Askraba21. Cori O’Brien
14. Vancouver, BC, Canada

22. Peter Chalmers

15. Sydney, Australia

23. Cheryl Feldman

16. New York City, NY, USA Bitly – Alexa Kaiser

24. Sharon Klardie
17. New Hampshire, USA

25. Francis D
18. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

26. Rachel Natik
19. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

27. Angela Mohoney

28. Larry Latimer

20. Portland, Oregon, USA

29. Susan Sparks 
21. Rhode Island, USA

30. Sarah Deutsch

22. Orlando, Florida, USA

31. Mike Martin

32. Warren Wade

23. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

33. Beth Saunders

34. Zakk Tapp

24. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
35. Angela Adams 25. Princeton, Illinois, USA

36. Eric Dreshfield
26. Chicago, Illinois, USA  MidWest Dreamin’

37. Allyson Clark
27. Nashville, Tennessee, USA

38. Ryan Headley

39. Jenny Bennett

28. Wisconson, USA

40. Courtney House
29. Seattle, Washington, USA

41. Cynthia Saalfeld
30. Marin County, California, USA Portuguese Speaking Community

We’ve gone international! Woot Woot!

As of 9/23/15 11:18pmEST we have 41 S rockstars, 30  events, 3 countries, 2 Generous Sponsors!


6 thoughts on “Dreamforce 2015 + #Trailhead4All in Your Local Community

  1. Thank you so much for putting forth this challenge! Our department is trying to learn Salesforce (we are in the midst of implementing) and I have encouraged them to use Trailhead as a training source.


      1. What would putting on an event entail? I’m pretty new to Salesforce. My only exposure has been in Trailhead and playing around in the Sandbox. My department is still in the beginning stages of working with a consultant to get requirements and start development.


  2. I would love to help out with the Vancouver event! Trailhead is such an amazing learning tool that everyone needs to know about and experience. Anything I can do to help…just let me know.


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