A New Blog Series: Your Salesforce Career Journey

Inspired by some of my favorite bloggers (Lauren Jordan and Eric Dreshfield), I want to start a blog series where Salesforcers share their career journey. For those who know me, I’m very passionate about helping others start or develop their careers on Salesforce. This year, I was fortunate to moderate a Dreamforce session with Sarah Deutsch, Steve Cooper, and Becky Webster about this very topic. I loved everyone’s unique stories and tips. Lately, I’ve been meeting individuals wanting to enter the Salesforce space, so I hope that this will also be an encouraging series for them as well as for anyone who’s expanding their Salesforce career. If you’re interested in sharing your journey, please complete this google form.  (Also, huge thanks to Toya Gatewood for helping me develop this initiative!) Prior to posting each blog, I will reach out to the highlighted individual to review their answers and to submit a headshot. Thank you!


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