Salesforce Career Success: Toya Gatewood

Welcome to the first of my Salesforce Career Success Journey series. This series is focused on learning about sharing our career journey and hopefully encourage others to pursue or continue their career on the platform. I was introduced to Toya by Mary Scotton on Twitter. We’ve actually met in person at Dreamforce ‘15 and now she’s my Salesforce bestie! Thanks for being such a supportive friend!

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[Annie: I couldn’t help but to share this fun picture from Dreamforce ’15 during GirlyGeeks Photo Hunt.]


Name: Toya Gatewood

Company: CincyTech

Job Title: Business Operations Specialist

Which Salesforce certifications do you have?
ADM201 – Administrator. Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, and Sales Cloud are all in the works, though. Watch out, 2016!

How many Trailhead badges do you currently have?
[Annie: She’s a #TrailheadHero!]

Describe what you do at your company.
This is a loaded question. I’m a solo administrator at my company, so I’m responsible for all things Salesforce – configuration, customization, analytics, user training, documentation, managing 3rd party applications, etc. I’m also my company’s Google Apps administrator, have some budgeting/invoicing responsibility, manage contracts/vendors…the list goes on. Maybe a shorter list would be what I don’t do!

Give us a snapshot of how you got your salesforce career started and/or how your career has developed.
I’m what’s been called an “accidental” admin. In 2009 my employer made the switch to and asked me to be the administrator. I said “yes” and the rest is history! Since then I’ve attended training courses, joined my local user group, obtained a certification, connected with countless people in the Salesforce community and on Twitter, been featured on a Salesforce-related blog or two…oh, and forged a brand new career for myself.
[Annie: I’m cheering you on for more Salesforce certifications!]

What advice would you give to someone who is developing their career on salesforce?
1) Get involved in the Success Community – you’ll find a network of like-minded Salesforce professionals who are not only able but perfectly willing to answer questions or help you with issues that you’re struggling with.
2) Find your local user group for the same reason as #1, but this group of people will be in your immediate area. You can never have too many resources!
3) Take charge of your own learning. Figure out what sparks your interest and dive in!

Are you a leader or member of a user group?
Yes; I’m co-leader for the Cincinnati Women in Tech user group (co-lead: Christina Moore) and Women in Tech Diversity (co-lead: Shonnah Hughes), which meets virtually. If you’re not following these dynamic ladies on Twitter or in the Success Community, go do it now!
[Annie: I love Women in Tech Diversity. Join if you haven’t already!]

Please name 1 person from the Salesforce community that you’d like to thank for supporting you on your journey.
Only one? I have lots, but I have to shout out Mike Gerholdt. He reached out to me on a personal level a few years ago and introduced me to some really cool folks at Midwest Dreamin’ that I’m still in touch with today. He’s definitely good people.
[Annie: Here’s a link to Mike’s awesome button click podcast!]

What’s the one Success Community group you can’t live without?
Women in Tech!

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