Salesforce Career Success: Toya Gatewood

Welcome to the first of my Salesforce Career Success Journey series. This series is focused on learning about sharing our career journey and hopefully encourage others to pursue or continue their career on the platform. I was introduced to Toya by Mary Scotton on Twitter. We’ve actually met in person at Dreamforce ‘15 and… Continue reading Salesforce Career Success: Toya Gatewood


Dreamforce 2015 + #Trailhead4All in Your Local Community

For my first blog, I want to thank everyone that made Dreamforce 2015 an amazing event + share a call to action for the Salesforce users to host community #Trailhead4All events, because the fun should never stop. =) Dreamforce 2015 – Thank You to: All Salesforce employees that made the event possible. A special thank you to… Continue reading Dreamforce 2015 + #Trailhead4All in Your Local Community